KidsCom Online, Client: Circle 1 Network

Vector Game Asset Creation

The Floor is Lava, Mobile Platformer

Character Development, UI, Promo Art

Sprouts, Adventure Game Concept

Promo and Conceptual Art, Character Development

Texturing and Modeling

Personal Work

Character Development

Personal Work

"Anubis' Souls," Mobile Bubble Shooter

Character Development, UI, Promo Art


Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I solve problems with design, and I specialize in illustrating 2D game assets and UI elements for mobile and social games. When I'm not drawing, I'm consuming cartoons, games, or pizza from Pizza Shuttle. Photoshop is my medium of choice. I am always interested in hearing about new and exciting opportunities.

(262) 716 - 5218